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What Are We Doing About the Children?

This blog begins a new series.  A difficult one.  A series that will likely be hard to read.  But I believe that safety comes from being armed by facts.  And if we know what to look for and how to … Continue reading

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Christmas Music and a Present

I love Calvin and Hobbes.  Always have.  Always will.  Something about his attitude and point of view that grabs me.    He says and does the things I’d sometimes like to do but being a goody goody I have never … Continue reading

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The Most Amazing, Extraordinary, Unusual Day

It was that kind of day.  Truly earth shattering. I got ‘my’ letter.  The letter.  The one from the Canadian Federal Government that says I have been approved to receive my Canada Pension Plan starting in January.  (For my American friends, this is … Continue reading

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Time Management Failure

I have almost decided to self-publish my books through Amazon and other electronic media.  In preparation for that, I’m taking Kristen Lamb’s course “We Are Not Alone”. See her blog here    As a result, I am trying to build a … Continue reading

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Bandit Creek Books – a Life Changing Opportunity

Not many of us get the chance to change our lives through the generosity and action of others.  I’m one of those few. After the Annual General Meeting of my writing chapter last June, a group of writers were sitting … Continue reading

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WRITING WORKSHOPS – The Good, The Bad and The Interesting-Social Media for Writers

I’m a ho for writing classes.  What can I say?  I love them.  I’ve taken more classes over the years than I can count.  And I’ve always kept my notes and my emails (can you say hoarder?).   Since I always wonder what … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Alternative: Decluttering my Office

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  As a Canadian, I am truly blessed – I get to celebrate Canadian thanksgiving in October and then enjoy the celebrations of my friends across the border in November.  For a taste of … Continue reading

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How to ‘Know the Difference’ in the Serenity Prayer

This prayer, which has been around for almost seven decades, is said at virtually every 12 step meeting and used by countless millions as a foundation for living life…myself included. But the hard part is the last stanza,  “the wisdom … Continue reading

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