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Given that You Have One, Do You Know How it Works?

For years we have been fascinated with the brain and how it works. It is only recently (the past couple of decades) that the technology exists to allow us to look at the brain of a living person and begin … Continue reading

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We All Have One, But How Are You Using It?

We’ve spent some time on this site looking at family roles, personality disorders, and a variety of other topics, including burnout. Although I’ve worked to keep the focus on facts, I’ve tried to ensure there would be value for writers … Continue reading

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What is a Stale Book and Why am I so Pi$$ed?

What’s a stale book you ask?  Let me tell you. I recently bought a book for my e-reader and settled in for a good read. It is out of my usual genre (romance) and more like the books Diane Capri … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Butt in the Chair and Out of the Fire

After sharing my experience with burnout, I thought it might be wise to talk about the more common symptoms and how they manifest in most people.  Again, symptoms are always unique for each of us. But having said that, there … Continue reading

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Burnout – Usually You Don’t Know You Got It ‘Til It Knocks You on Your A$$

If you follow this blog, you know I planned a two week vacation in early July. Here it is mid August and I’m just coming back.  Some of you have emailed or FB’d me asking about my health and plans.  … Continue reading

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