Christmas Music and a Present

I love Calvin and Hobbes.  Always have.  Always will.  Something about his attitude and point of view that grabs me.    He says and does the things I’d sometimes like to do but being a goody goody I have never dared.  So here’s a Calvin and Hobbes video about Christmas.

And this song is my new ‘fun’ favorite Christmas song:

This is my favorite ‘carol’ written and performed by Alan Jackson

This is a brand new Christmas video which has only been up a day or two.  Who can resist the sweetness?

May your day be be special and filled with the the meaning of Christmas


About Louise Behiel

Author, coach, therapist, mother and grandmother. I'm on a spiritual journey and consciously work to grow every day.
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20 Responses to Christmas Music and a Present

  1. Kecia Adams says:

    Louise, thanks so much for those precious Christmas moments. 🙂 Especially the puppies. Is that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, or what?

  2. Good thing you put the puppy video last. Who could possible complete with such cuteness? Thanks, Louise! You’ve brightened my day!

  3. Shirley Temple AND puppies? The cute factor is off the charts!!
    Happy Holidays Louise 🙂

  4. liz crowe says:

    Calvin and Hobbes. you rock.

  5. Christmas puppies! Thank you, Louise. I wish you much happiness.

  6. Aw, I love Calvin and Hobbes, too. Those snowmen were outrageous! I love the swimming one with sharks behind it. Crazy funny.

    Okay, the puppy one? Adorable! What little disasters they are. Thanks for the smile!

  7. Calvin’s the best, isn’t he? Took me awhile to figure out what he was about (when the cartoon first came out). but now he makes me roar. and the puppies are too sweet.

  8. I so enjoyed the videos, Louise. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Me too. Puppies – love ’em any season.
    I loved the Calvin & Hobbes snowman who dove into the shallow end!
    Thanks, Louise. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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  11. Julie says:

    I love Calvin and Hobbes too, especially Calvin as Spaceman Spiff! And those puppies are just too adorable! 🙂

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