Book Lovers’ Buffet: Big Book Sale

Think of an all you can read buffet – a readers delight where there’s something for everyone.


Interested?  then go to

At the Book Lovers Buffet – you’ll find a plethora (don’t you love that word) of all kinds of indie published books available for .99 each.  It is amazing what a determined, strong willed group of people can accomplish when they decide to move a mountain.

I don’t have a book in this sale, but I wish I did.  I was on a loop and watched people begin to chat about the Big 6 discounting their books for sale at Christmas time.  Before I could read all the posts someone had stepped up to the plate and said “Let’s do it ourselves.”  And just that quickly, the energetic, lovely Tawny Stokes (who also writes as ViviAnna) had organized a group of writers to come together on one website, with approximately 100 books all priced at .99 for a Christmas sale.

I watched as they talked, discussed, and waited for the website to go live.

THAT HAPPENS TOMORROW – or today, if you’re reading this on December 1.  I urge you to go to the site and take a look.  Undoubtedly you’ll find something to read.  I know I will.

And as always, please don’t forget to ‘like’ and tag the books you buy on Amazon.  Indie sales are all about rankings and these two actions help push a book up the ranks on that site.

Enjoy and happy reading


About Louise Behiel

Author, coach, therapist, mother and grandmother. I'm on a spiritual journey and consciously work to grow every day.
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12 Responses to Book Lovers’ Buffet: Big Book Sale

  1. Writer Jobs says:

    Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

    Love writing? We would love for you to join us!

  2. Michelle Beattie says:

    Sounds great! I’ve never actually partaken in this but will definitely have a look-see!

  3. Coleen Patrick says:

    So cool! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  4. Oh wow, how did I miss this. Thanks for the news and the link! 🙂

  5. Another of Tawny’s forays into publishing. Great link and great reads

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Louise! (Yes, I have a book in it, and worked on the site too. 🙂 ) There are tons of great books on sale there – I now have enough reading material to last well into next year, and it only cost a few bucks!

  7. it’s a wonderful program. I can’t wait to see how many books you guys pull together as sold on your spreadsheets by the 15 of Jan. good luck. I’m going shopping tonight

  8. It sounds wonderful but I missed it, yikes. I hope to hear more about what their plans are for the future 🙂

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